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Meet Some of the Speakers:
Maj. Elliot Chodoff

Elliot is a Major in the Israel Defense Force (res.), He is also a leading Counter Terrorism Expert and Political & Military Analyst. 

Elliot is a security consultant who has worked for not just law enforcement and military units the world over, but his services have been hired by national security concerns including the United States, Israel & China. 

His articles have appeared in the Washington Times, National Post of Canada, The National Interest, National Review, and Front Page Magazine, and numerous web journals.
Dr. Steven Bucci

Lt. Col. Bucci served America for three decades as an Army Special Forces officer and top Pentagon official. 

He was a seasoned leader in the 82nd Airborne as well as 5th & 7th Special Forces when, in July 2001, he assumed the duties of military assistant to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld.

Steven also shares about being in the Pentagon during  the 9/11 terrorist attack. 
U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)
Joseph Shusko

Lt. Col. Joseph C. Shusko (ret.) is a decorated veteran who served the United States Marine Corps for over 40 years. He is an accomplished aviator who spent the majority of his career flying helicopters. While serving as a White House Liaison Officer (WHLO) at HMX-1, he was designated a Presidential Helicopter Pilot w/the Reagan Administration.

In August of 2003 he assumed command of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Center of Excellence, Martial Arts & Force Fitness Programs. He is a Stafford Sheriff Department volunteer Officer.

Joe is the author of “Tie-Ins For Life: Stories That Teach Great Values and Inspire Moral Action.” and has taught “Values, Morals & Ethics” throughout the United States & abroad.
U.S. Navy SEAL (ret.)
Joe Kuhns 

Joe Kuhns served our country for 26 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL. He spent most of his career assigned both East and West coast operational SEAL Team commands. He deployed countless times to numerous areas in the Middle East, Pacific, European and African Theaters. 

Currently Joe is a security consultant and serves with an organization that works to combat human sex trafficking. 
U.S. Army / Airforce (vet.)
Wes O'Donnell

Army & Air Force Veteran, Author, Soldier of Fortune Journalist, Film Maker & Founder of Warrior Lodge. Wes's current award winning documentary, Cry Havoc is a first hand account of how Vietnam Vets were treated after returning home after the war. 

Wes also works extensively with helping close the gap between vets and the employer hiring them.
Jack Hoban on right
U.S. Marine Corps (vet.)
Jack Hoban

Former USMC Capt., Jack Hoban is one of the creators of the USMC's Official Defensive Tactics Course - MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program). 

Jack has authored several books including the ground breaking  text The Ethical Warrior, which outlines the foundations of being a protector as a soldier and civilian. 

He has published articles on police and military defensive tactics, conflict resolution and leadership. 

Jack is also a renowned martial artist and president of Resolution Group International (RGI), a Conflict Resolution company that works with law enforcement, military and civilian organizations.
Army Airborne Ranger (ret.)
Denny Gillem 

Lt. Col. Denny Gillem served in Vietnam as an Army Airborne Ranger. He's a West Point graduate and taught at the U.S. War College. 

Denny is Michigan's Most Decorated Combat Veteran, an author & the Host of Nationally Syndicated Frontlines of Freedom Military Talk Radio Show. 
Israeli Defense Force (vet.)
Moshe Katz

Moshe is an Israeli Defense Force Veteran, author of Israel Nation of Warriors & the Head Instructor of one of the largest Krav Maga organizations in the world. He travels internationally teaching people how to defend themselves and others more effectively. His organization spans over 22 countries globally. 
Naval Intelligence Officer(ret.)
Robert Ewigleben

Bob served for 22 years as a Naval Intelligence Officer. The last two years of his service he was hired to work with the CIA. 

Due to his military career he is a world traveler and gained his Ph.D. in Education which he uses at his current job at Ferris State University.  
Israeli Defense Force (vet.)
Schmuel Bowman 

Shmuel joined the IDF after surviving Saddam Hussein's scud missile attacks on Israel.  
Now, his humanitarian relief efforts are saving thousands of lives today. 

He serves as the executive director of Operation LifeShield in Israel. An organization that manufactures bomb shelters that protect residents in the most threatened Israeli communities. 
U.S. Army / Dept. of Defense
Joshua Reis

Serving in the U.S. Army and working for the Dept. of Defense, Josh has deployed to Afghanistan multiple times with the army and civilian jobs. 

He has been training in the martial arts for over 30 years. He teaches and trains with a critical eye towards combat and applications of techniques in the context of armored fighting with weapons which would be encountered on today's battlefield.  
U.S. Marine Corps (vet.)
Skip Coryell

Skip is a USMC Veteran, tactical firearms instructor, author of nine books including RKBA: Defending the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and co-host of Nationally Syndicated Frontlines of Freedom and host to the Home Defense Show. 
U.S. Army (vet.)
Sean Stark

Sean Served in the U.S. Army as a M.P. When he got out of the service among many things he worked as a security professional.

Sean is an author as well as an accomplished martial artist. In 2018 he founded an organization called Guerilla Self Protection, which provides education and training resources to combat sex trafficking on a domestic & global scale. 
U.S. Army National Guard
James DeWitt

James is a paramedic and currently serves as a Combat Medic in the U.S. Army National Guard. He also works extensively with law enforcement.

He is an avid martial artist and former MMA competitor. He has taught self defense courses and assisted in subject control scenario training for Kalamazoo Valley Community College's Police Academy.
U.S. Air Force / NATO / National Guard (vet.)
Will "Buddha" Weatherby

Buddha served 4 years in the Air Force Security forces w/ EST (S.W.A.T.) and a tour with NATO in 96-97. Then 4 years with the Army Nat'l Guard  in the infantry and as a medic. Buddha is well traveled and  jokingly considers himself a 'free range human.'  When he's not raising his two (now grown) kids, herding goats or overlanding w/his truck, he's directing security teams and consulting on event security for multiple organizations throughout the United States. 
U.S. Army (vet.)
Larry McDonald

Larry is a U.S. Army Veteran having served for 8 years as a Drill Sgt. and Tank Commander.

He holds a black belt in Krav Maga and is a Tactical Firearms Instructor.
U.S. Army / USMC / ARMY Nat'l Guard
The "Panel"

(L to R)

Craig Gray - Host
John Williams - USMC (vet.)
Joshua Green - U.S. National Guard (vet.)
Dennis VanderLind - U. S. Army (vet)
Bronson Barnes - USMC (vet.)  & Firefighter
Larry McDonald - U.S. Army (vet.)
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The Details

The Protector Summit is an On-Line event where I interview over 20 of my military / veteran friends & colleagues, asking them what it is to live a Protector's Lifestyle and share their thoughts about the following discussion topics:

1) What are the 3 Biggest Pieces of Advice You'd Give Someone Who Wants to Protect Themselves, Their Family & Community Better in Today's World?

2) Share Your Experience of Transitioning Your Identity from Being a Protector as a Soldier to One as a Civilian. 

3) What Can We Do to Bridge the Gap Between Our Military/Vet & Civilian Communities?

Where & When: 

It's On-Line, so you can watch or listen to it on your phone or computer from the comfort of your own home, office, car or coffee shop, ANYTIME You Want!!
Is It LIVE or Pre-Recorded?! 

This VIP All Access Package gives you access to all of the amazing interviews. 

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NO! Being that the interviews are recorded, you can watch as many as you please, as many times as you want! 

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Click Below To Get Details On How You Can Access These Amazing Interviews!
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